Why eating seasonal foods is so important for you health..

By Dr Rachel Holdaway Nature knows best…  Eating seasonal foods is so important to Chinese medicine dietetics and is one of the many reasons as to why we have so much success in improving our patient’s health. Not so long … Read More

Fertility Foods Menu: Fresh Basil and Tomato Pasta (GF)

This recipe is an easy go-to, midweek recipe that is packed full of all kinds of nourishing goodness for your fertility and overall health. Sperm loving tomatoes have a high content of lycopene. Lycopene has been found to increase sperm … Read More

Fertility Foods Menu: Mexican Guacamole Salad with Homemade Black Pepper Fries

Now who doesn’t love a good Mexican feast??? When I came across this recipe I thought, Bam! This is not only healthy it is delicious, and I just can’t get enough of it. Now let’s get to cooking some yum … Read More

Fertility Food : Broccoli Potato Cakes

The delicious combo of broccoli and potatoes in this recipe are fantastic for those wanting to nourish their fertility. Broccoli has among the highest calcium content of any vegetable, which is very important as calcium helps regulate the alkalinity of … Read More

Natural Fertility : The No B.S. Art to Conceiving Naturally

I’m sure you’ve heard every “trick” in the book about exactly what you and your partner should do (or shouldn’t do) to fall pregnant. From your family, his family, your friends, his friends and even random strangers. You know the … Read More

Natural Fertility: Get to know your fertile window by getting up close and personal with your cervical mucus…

How much do you know about your menstrual cycle? Did you know that throughout the menstrual cycle, your body changes in accordance with the fluctuation of hormones present in your body? Due to these changes, women are only able to … Read More

Fertility Foods: Womb Warming Ginger Tea

Drinking ginger tea to nourish your fertility has been around since the start of Chinese medicine, so basically a really long time… We need to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies to provide our reproductive organs with the nutrients … Read More

Get In Tune With Your Fertility and Pregnant Sooner With Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting

Despite what we were told in our limited sex education as teenagers, for most women there is only around 5-6 days of each menstrual cycle that we are actually able to conceive. If you are trying to conceive, wanting to … Read More

Powerful Fertility Detox Smoothie Bowl

For a healthy conception and pregnancy, the womb and reproductive system needs to be toxin free and a ready to nourish a baby in an environment that is clear of any nasties that can potentially cause issues with Mum and … Read More

Recurrent miscarriages could be the result of damaged sperm : Latest Research Findings

The journal of Clinical Chemistry released a research paper this month showing that recurrent miscarriage, which is often blamed on the female, may in fact be due to damaged and sick sperm. The Author of the paper, Dr Channa Jayasena, … Read More