Fertility & Pregnancy: Why you should be eating medjool dates before and during your pregnancy..

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The Eastern Medicine Face Lift

Gua Sha facials, also known as the eastern face lift, have been used to freshen the appearance of women in Asian countries for thousands of years. These unusual fish shaped tools are used to glide along the skin’s surface to … Read More

Acupuncture reduced pregnancy induced lower back and pelvic pain in study participants : Research Findings

As the body grows and progressively changes shape during pregnancy many women experience the unfortunate occurrence of lumbopelvic pain (LPP), or as it is often referred to as  low back pain or pelvic girdle(PGP). (1)  LPP, that requires medical attention, affects … Read More

Study findings: Acupuncture halves participants time to pregnancy…

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Our top 5 tips to help you conceive in 2018…

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Fertility and IVF Support: How to moxa at home to improve your fertility…

Moxibustion, or Moxa for short, is an ancient heat therapy used by the Chinese to warm acupuncture points and other areas of the body. Moxa is a dried or charcoal form of the herb mugwart that is rolled into cigar … Read More

Pregnancy Study Findings: Acupressure Significantly Reduces Epidural Use and Caesarean Section Rates

A groundbreaking Australian study has found that by incorporating acupressure into a couples antenatal program protocol there was a significant reduction in the use of epidurals, a reduced rate of augmentations (medical intervention to speed up labour), a reduction in … Read More

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