Our essential oil massage uses gentle, yet powerful techniques to relax your mind and body, whilst therapeutic grade essential oils work to create a deep meditative state, shift emotional blockages and detoxify the whole body.

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Imagine breathing in the sensual aromas of essential oils uniquely handpicked for you, as you settle into a deep state of calm. Now imagine this whilst relaxing into a full body massage, allowing your mind to drift and tension in the body to melt away. Ahh! Total bliss… When you come to after our essential oil massage, you will find your body and mind are balanced and your senses are thoroughly invigorated.

Our essential oil massage is performed using only 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living. Young living oils are guaranteed to be free of all chemical adulteration making them perfectly safe to use on the entire body and allow you to slip into a deeper level of relaxation.

Our essential oil massage is ideal for:

  • De-stressing
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Emotional Rebalancing
  • Full mind and body relaxation


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If you’re wanting to achieve deep relaxation whilst detoxifying the body and rebalancing your mind book an essential oil massage today. Our easy online booking system makes it simple to book a session.

How long does a session go for?

Our essential oil massage typically takes 60 minutes to gently guide you into a deep state of mind and body relaxation. However, please allow  up to 90 minutes for your initial consultation and treatment your massage specialist will need to discuss your patient intake form with you to best tailor your treatment.

What to expect during an essential oil massage

Our essential oil massage is usually performed in silence allowing you to truly relax and let our specialist drift you into a deep state of mental repose. We find that many of our patients experience a sense of deep relaxation during our massage and simply drift off to sleep as their entire body begins to let go of all tension. Others report complete mind quiet as they breathe in the aromas of the essential oils and find all their stress just disappears.

How to prepare for our essential oil massage

  1. Please fill out and return your patient intake form at least 2 days prior to your appointment.
  2. Remove all jewellery as our essential oil massage works with the body’s natural flow of energy and metals on the body can interrupt this flow.
  3. Wear clothing that is comfortable and non restrictive, and ones that you don’t mind getting a little oil on, as although you will be asked to remove your clothing during the massage, the essential oils are left on the skin for your body to continue to absorb their therapeutic benefits for the entire day.
  4. Shower before coming in for your massage as we advise you to leave the oils on the skin for as long as possible.
  5. Try not to eat a large meal for 1-2hrs before you massage.

What to do after your essential oil massage

  1.  Drink plenty of water.
  2.  Try not to do anything too strenuous or mentally tasking directly after you massage as you may feel deeply relaxed.
  3.  If you experience any of the following symptoms: tiredness, headaches, thirst, strong smelling stools or urine, mood swings and skin rashes you maybe detoxing. This is quite common due to the penetrating nature of the essential oils and these symptoms should improve with rest and drinking ample water. Though if you are concerned please contact our staff.
  4.  Limit red meat, dairy, sugar, coffee and alcohol consumption after an essential oil massage to allow your body time to detox and rebalance.



This price includes a 1hr essential oil massage that focuses on the back, neck and reflex points of the feet. Also included in this price is the use of almost 100 drops of therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils that are selected and tailored to your individual requirements.


Spring Acupuncture’s Essential Oil Massage Specialist

IMG_8995Suzzanne Sunner is our essential oil massage specialist here at Spring Acupuncture.  Her passion for aromatherapy combined with her training in ancient Egyptian and Native American style energy techniques is a match made in heaven… And that is exactly where you feel she will drift you as she gently releases any tension and supports your mind and body as she restores your inner balance. To find out how an essential oil massage can be the spring clean your body and mind need, book an appointment with Suzzanne today.





Book your initial consultation now.
If you’re wanting to achieve deep relaxation whilst detoxifying the body and rebalancing your mind, book an essential oil massage today. Our easy online booking system makes it simple to book a session.