Recurrent miscarriages could be the result of damaged sperm : Latest Research Findings

The journal of Clinical Chemistry released a research paper this month showing that recurrent miscarriage, which is often blamed on the female, may in fact be due to damaged and sick sperm. The Author of the paper, Dr Channa Jayasena, … Read More

Acupuncture reduced pregnancy induced lower back and pelvic pain in study participants : Research Findings

As the body grows and progressively changes shape during pregnancy many women experience the unfortunate occurrence of lumbopelvic pain (LPP), or as it is often referred to as  low back pain or pelvic girdle(PGP). (1)  LPP, that requires medical attention, affects … Read More

Pregnancy Study Findings: Acupressure Significantly Reduces Epidural Use and Caesarean Section Rates

A groundbreaking Australian study has found that by incorporating acupressure into a couples antenatal program protocol there was a significant reduction in the use of epidurals, a reduced rate of augmentations (medical intervention to speed up labour), a reduction in … Read More

PREGNANCY SAFETY WARNING: The common pain killer linked to spontaneous abortion…

Last week the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) released a  safety review on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and spontaneous abortion. After reviewing all literature, product information documents, reported adverse events, as well as obtaining expert advice from the Advisory Committee on the … Read More

10 Ways To Support Your Pregnancy

# 1       Acupuncture can reduce the severity and occurrence of morning sickness With an estimated two thirds of all women experiencing morning sickness in the first trimester, and 1 in 5 experiencing symptoms into their second trimester, it is … Read More

Breech Presentation: What you need to know and how you can encourage your baby to turn…

So you’ve just been to the specialist for your routine pregnancy check-up. You’ve had such a smooth pregnancy so far (or maybe not…) with no reason for concern, and then it hits you. You’ve been told your baby is in … Read More